This section illustrates my collection of stamps show any character, scene, author, and people connected with tales, myths and legends.

Also included are stamp booklets and souvenir sheets in which there is some of the above depicted in the cover of the booklet, as well as in the border of the sheet, even in those cases where the stamp(s) in the booklet/sheet have designs which do not include anything directly significant to tales, myths or legends.

Stamps are illustrated by country, giving priority to present geopolitical situation (e.g. Dahomey is a subdivision of Benin). Whenever possible, catalog numbers are indicated relevant to the most widespread catalogs: Michel (M), Scott’s (S), Stanley Gibbon (SG), and Yvert & Tellier (YT).

If a set contains stamps whose designs are not related to tales, myths or legends, this set is indicated but the unrelated stamps are not illustrated.

Anytime a page reports a book icon , a click on it will show the relevant script.

My aim is to report a script for each tale, legend, story, etc. whenever possible, so any help, suggestion, correction, addition, etc. is very welcome.

Thanks in advance to everyone who will contribute to improve my website.

Last Updated: Angola (1925; Portuguese Congo), Aruba, Benin (2008), China (Macao 2010, 2012), Great Britain (2015), Guinea Bissau, India (Portuguese India), Mozambique (Quelimane Province), North Korea, Palau (2005), Peru (1886, 1935), Philippines (2015), Poland (1993), Portugal (1987, 1997), Romania, Russia, U.A.E. (Ras Al Khaima)

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