This section illustrates my collection of stamps that show any railway equipment, railway-related items, and people connected with railways.

Also included are stamp booklets and souvenir sheets in which there is a train or other railway-related item depicted in the cover of the booklet, as well as in the border of the sheet, even in those cases where the stamp(s) in the booklet/sheet have designs which do not include anything directly significant to railways.

Stamps are illustrated by country, giving priority to present geopolitical situation (e.g. Dahomey is a subdivision of Benin). Whenever possible, catalog numbers are indicated relevant to the most widespread catalogs: Michel (M), Scott’s (S), Stanley Gibbon (SG), and Yvert & Tellier (YT). British/Irish Railway Letter Stamps numbers are from Neill Oakleys's catalog.

If a set contains stamps whose designs are not related to railway, this set is indicated but only railway-related stamps are illustrated.

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Last Updated: Albania (2015), Antigua (2011), Agentina (2014), Bahamas (1989, 2012) Belgium (Newspaper Stamps 1928), Brazil (2012, 2015), Central Africa (1964, 1974, 2016), China (2015; Hong Kong 2016), Croatia (2016), Czech Republic (2014, 2016), Cuba (2016), Dominican Republic (2012), Finland (1961; Åland), France (2011, 2014, Parcel Post stamps 1925), Georgia (2014), Great Britain (Alderney 2011, 2014), Greece (2016), Greenland (2011), Guyana (2000, 2004), Hungary (2015), India (2016), Ivory Coast (2003), Latvia (2011), Luxembourg (2016), Morocco (2014), Netherlands (2011), Oman (1985, 1998), Palau (2016), Russia (Birobizhan 19994), Sierra Leone (1999), Thailand (2016), Tunisia (2015), U.A.E. (1991, 992, 1993), Ukraine (2014, 2015), Vatican City (2015), Zimbabwe (2014)

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