My name is Enrico Prous.

I was born in Milan in 1946.

Presently, I live in Monza, a town quite close to Milan and worldwide famous for the car racing ground.

I have a degree in biology and I worked many years in the pharmaceutical marketing field for some multinational companies.


On 27th June 2003, I became grandfather!

My grandson's name is Mattia Enrico and, of course, I am looking forward to having him helping me with my hobbies as well as to enjoying some beautiful trips on historical trains with him.

He is growing well and, as you can see, my son's family is a very nice family!


I work in the field of computer graphics, desktop publishing, multimedia, e-learning and everything related to business communication. My customers are mainly pharmaceutical companies or organizations related in some way with health management, medicine, and biology.  

The name of my company is Synesis; have a look at our website at:

Now, let's talk about my hobbies:


  • I love gardening. I have just a big terrace where my wife and me can exploit this hobby.
  • I love basketball. I was a player (many years ago), then a coach, and now I just give some advice to my grandson who has started playing recently.

  • Obviously, I love stamps. I collect stamps of the Italian area and of some particular themes, as you can see in my home page.

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