General philatelic sites

· 2 Clicks Stamps: as they state, in this website you can find “A worldwide directory about stamps, in 2 clicks or less”, a very useful link for every stamp collector. 

· Maybe Fabio Alarici's page represents the most complete list of worldwide Postal Authorities, reporting addresses, phone and fax number, and e-mail addresses where available. Many other helpful philatelic links are available. 

· Who doesn't know Joseph Luft's Philatelic Resources on the Web? This websites reports an exceptionally wide collection of philatelic links. A very worthful tool for every philatelist.

· Another very interesting site is, one of the Internet's most comprehensive and interactive stamp collecting websites since 1994.



Railway philatelic sites

· With over 200 members throughout the world, the Casey Jones Railroad Unit is the first (1950) of the American Topical Association Study Units, and, today, one of the largest. They cover everything rail-related on stamps - steam engines, diesel engines, rolling stock, rail bridges, streetcars, subways, trolleys, funiculars, cog railways, etc.

· Horst Brix is really an expert in railway stamps and is member of a lot of Railway Thematic Association worldwide. His website is really very well done and contains a forum, useful links and many other interesting items (in German and English).

· Jon Digranes is a presentation of all postage stamps, postmarks and postal stationeries related to Norwegian railways issued in Norway and abroad. There are several links to other sites referring to the keyword subject (in German and English).

· Roberto Gennari's website is a typical railway stamps homepage. It contains some very useful links. There's an Italian version too.

· The web site of Hirosuke Katsumi, though if written in Japanese, is very interesting and illustrates trains on stamps in a very interesting way.

· Visit Myggan's Philatelic Page, the web site of Marcello Porro. It is very well done and Marcello collects not only railway stamps...

· If you are interested in railway philately or railroad paper memorabilia, the web site of Al Peterson is the right one. He has spent the last 30+ years (over 20 as a dealer) accumulating the largest stock of such material anywhere!

· The site of Bill Senkus represents his effort to share with other collectors a more detailed and philatelic exploration of our alphabet. Its title is Alphabetilately, a merging of the two words Alphabet and Philately. It is clearer if you write it like this: alPHabetILATELY. This site also contains very interesting pages about trains on stamps.

· Hans Vink is “fascinated by miniature railways”, as he declares. His website on Dutch railway stamps is very well done and contains useful links.



Collectors' pages

· If your favorite philatelic theme is lighthouses on stamps, have a look at the website of my Bulgarian friend Milan Assadourov.

· If you are interested in automatic stamps, you should probably look at the website of my Catalan friend Josep Jové i Jové; this excellent site is in Catalan, English, and Spanish.

· · Willem's Website is another very interesting page, with a lot of intriguing links. Willem is a Dutch advanced collector of West European stamps.



Basketball websites

· Basketball enthusiasts (and not), visit the Grex Home Page. Grex Pallacanestro is (or should be) a very famous basketball team, at least in Monza.

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